Friday, July 15, 2016

Updated Doggie Station!

We were devastated when Podog passed away last year.  He was 15 years old and we loved him dearly.  It was a huge decision to commit to another dog, but we agreed as a family that we would find one.  Here is a picture of Podog shortly before he passed.

We got Kopono from the Human Society last June.

A couple of years ago I made a dog station for Podog out of an old scrapbook stand a friend gave me. There was a missing drawer and it was pretty junky.  I spiced it up and made Podog a doggie station.

After Podog passed away I let the doggie station sit and din't use it much because it brought back too many memories.  I finally got in gear and decided to redo the doggie station completely and use it for Kopono.  First, I took out the drawers and took all of the scrapbook stickers off and sanded.

Then I painted the front of each drawer a light brown.

 Next, I used contact paper and covered the inside of each drawer and the top of the station.

I made labels for each drawer and a name tag for Kopono.  I laminated each one and centered them on the doggie station.

Here is what is in each of the drawers.

I added a framed puppy picture of Kopono and a jar of dog biscuits to the top.

Here is the finished product and a happy dog!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Garden Beds and Temporary Greenhouse

We are constantly thinking of new ideas for the yard.  We have a completely flat black yard that needs some help.  I knew I wanted some garden beds and a new greenhouse.  The greenhouse I want is pretty large and will take some time on my husband's part.....time he doesn't have right now.  So, instead I compromised and bought a small temporary greenhouse and my husband and kids helped make some raised garden beds.  These are photos from last summer.


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