Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Organization Under the Stairs

We have a great space under the stairs for storage.  I decided to use that space for many things.  The picture on the left is what the space looks like from inside looking out toward the entry door.  The picture on the right is what it looks like when I open the door.  The space in the back is a dedicated space for all of my frames, wrapping paper supplies and there is a small play room for kids too.  

Here is the play space for kids.  I left it just like it looks after kids come over to play.  We have lots of friends who have small children and this is the perfect place for them to play.  We took tubs and some of our own kids previously loved toys and put them in there for other kids to enjoy.  

I also hung up random artwork and pictures that don't have a place in our new house yet.  My husband built a plain white shelf to organize some of my special things.  

Here is the other wall.

I got these adorable boxes from Ross.  I use them to organize wrapping paper, bags and bows.  They are tucked away out of sight under the stairs.  

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