Friday, August 10, 2012

Podog's New Doggie Station!!!

A good friend of mine gave my a scrapbook paper stand a while back with a missing drawer.  It looked like this.  
 So I stuck some of my scrapbook stickers on it and used it to organize my dog Podog's supplies.  At some point I am planning on painting it and decorating with dog bones possibly.  But for now, it works just fine.  Can you see how proud Podog is of his new station?  :)
 I added one of my favorite framed photos of Podog too.  This was a photo from when he was much younger.  He is 12 now.
 Here is what is inside his "treats" drawer.
 His "style" drawer is filled with his favorite polo shirt and his Pedi Paws nail trimming kit.
 The washing area has his towel, shampoo, and some great mango smelling dog spray!  :)
 A close up of the top of his doggie station.
 I also added a rug under his dog dishes that he really seems to like.  He went straight to it and started gobbling up his food.


  1. Hi There! I really love this idea! However, I can't find a scrapbook stand or any storage tower of any kind that even compares! Any ideas on where your friend got this from?

    1. IS similar but has drawers all the same size.

    2. Thanks Danielle. I love Ikea!! I was going to purchase a white one of those for my office.

  2. Hi Jess. I think she got it from Craft Warehouse?? Keep on the lookout at garage sales or thrift stores for an old one. Then you can paint it or refinish it. That is definitely the cheapest way to go. Share a picture with me when you finish. I would love to see it. :)

  3. I LOVE this idea, Im going to make one.
    Thanks for sharing this great idea.
    Oh...Podog is adorable!! :D

  4. Thanks for the Podog comment. We love him! :)

  5. Ha I love this idea, I really need to do something like this to organise my boys stuff as it's just all over at the minute. Although I think I need something a lot bigger! The size of a wardrobe may do it! �� lol I'm not joking either! He is so spoilt. Lol xx



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