Friday, August 10, 2012

Laundry Room

Our laundry room is complete.  Now it just needs some decorating.  I wanted lots of storage in the laundry room for cleaning supplies and blankets.
 The laundry chute

 I love doing laundry now that I have a functional laundry room.  Of course the love doing laundry part will probably change once the excitement of a new laundry room wears off.  But for now I am enjoying it!  :)

Garage Clean Up

Here is my garage before......ugh!
 More clutter........
 Still a work in progress.  I will post pictures of the totally finished garage soon.  :)

Podog's New Doggie Station!!!

A good friend of mine gave my a scrapbook paper stand a while back with a missing drawer.  It looked like this.  
 So I stuck some of my scrapbook stickers on it and used it to organize my dog Podog's supplies.  At some point I am planning on painting it and decorating with dog bones possibly.  But for now, it works just fine.  Can you see how proud Podog is of his new station?  :)
 I added one of my favorite framed photos of Podog too.  This was a photo from when he was much younger.  He is 12 now.
 Here is what is inside his "treats" drawer.
 His "style" drawer is filled with his favorite polo shirt and his Pedi Paws nail trimming kit.
 The washing area has his towel, shampoo, and some great mango smelling dog spray!  :)
 A close up of the top of his doggie station.
 I also added a rug under his dog dishes that he really seems to like.  He went straight to it and started gobbling up his food.


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