Monday, July 9, 2012

Kids Closet Makeover in Process

My sons closet was really a blank slate.  My husband added a bar and shelf.

Then I had him build just a small shelf on the bottom with closet shelving material.  I bought white metal dividers to put between the stacks of shorts, PJ's, and jeans (to help keep the clothes piles straight).  I also got lots of baskets.  The store I bought them at ran out, so I ordered 3 more to fill up the top shelf.  They aren't here yet.  I organized his shirts in rainbow order (of course).  This also helps when you go school shopping because you can easily see if he has way too many black or red shirts and then you avoid that color at the store.  :)

Then I took mini chalkboard clips and clipped them to the outside of his baskets.

I love the chalkboard clips because you can easily swap them out if you change your mind about what is going in the basket.  The baskets on the top shelf will be added later and I will post a picture of the final finished product.  :)


  1. Okay, I have to ask since Danner is about Johnny's age: he lets you organize his closet??? He's okay with the rainbow thing, and you pick out his new school clothes? How did you manage that?!?!? I could definitely play the "I'm the mom, so deal with it" card, but I can't imagine any of my kids being okay with not being in charge of their own closet/clothes. This is NOT a criticism, or implying that you are a bossy parent - the closets look amazing! I just don't know how to do it without a contest of wills. They take suggestions, and will adhere to a basic threshold of organization, but what, how and where is usually up to them. I'm starting to wish I used your method!!! I definitely wouldn't want to take pictures of their closets, so I guess I should have started using your secret (whatever it is) a long time ago! :)

  2. Heather,
    I have always organized my kids closets since they were little. Once I get it started for them, they keep it up pretty well. I don't mind if their closets get out of order, as long as everything is hung up and put away. When I do laundry I always end up sorting their things a little when I go in and put things away. But for the most part they put their own clothes away. I only do it when I feel like being nice - lol! I know they feel better being organized. What is really nice about color coding is that when you go shopping for new clothes you can see clearly what colors you want to stay away from because you have too many. I know I drive my kids crazy with my "pick up your things" talk all of the time, but they both really like being organized too. They ask for my help and ideas sometimes (which makes me feel good). Keep in mind that the closets do not always look like this. During the school year when I am working and super busy I do lay off a little bit. We also go through the closets together to get rid of clothes they no longer wear or that they have grown out of. This helps eliminate clutter. Danner inherits lots of Tyler's t-shirts, which is nice. We work together at the beginning of each school year to get organized too with school supplies. I help them get started and then it is their job to maintain it. I may have to post a picture of Danner's updated closet in a month or so to see what it looks like then. :)

  3. Oh, I don't pick out their new school clothes - they do. Now we are at the point where we go to the mall and we give them money and my two boys go shop together. It is so cute seeing them take off to go shopping together! Plus that gives me some time to browse around in stores I like too. :)

  4. They are both okay with the rainbow order. My husband doesn't like it. He has his own order for things. He organizes by work and non-work clothes.



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