Monday, July 9, 2012

I Really Want One of These!!!

These would look so great in my bedroom!!!  I just may have to buy these.  They are from  Check them out on the Amazon search bar off to the right.  They are called Umbra Florella Wall Decor Tiles - set of 3.  They would look great either vertically or horizontally.  Pretty and unique.  Also check on the tab above of my favorite things and you will see it!


  1. I love these! I bet you could make those for yourself by buying some canvases and cutting that pattern into them with an exacto-knife! It would probably be a lot cheaper and I've seen people that have similar art in their home and they put christmas lights behind it and it looks really cool! Just a thought :)

  2. I ended up ordering them yesterday. I couldn't resist. Great idea though! We are moving into a new house right now. Once we get in I will have a lot more time for crafty things again. Thanks so much for your comments!!! :)



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