Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spice Canisters

So I wanted to have my spice canisters match my pantry stuff, so I created labels that match!  First of all, I got these great little jars on sale (of course)!  After coupons I ended up getting them for about $1.00 each.  
 If you buy Avery Labels, they have a great website where you can create your own borders, background and use their clipart.  I had a blast looking through all of the stuff on there.  Also, I always have a problem when I print labels.  They don't seem to align correctly and they are a little off.  They have an alignment feature to make perfect labels every time!!
 Here are the jars.  The label on top came off really easily.
 Here are the finished labels (that match the canister labels).  Again, I put packing tape on them before cutting them out.  This helps make the labels more durable and they will not fade.
 Label on....
 Spices in.....
 My husband and his friend built our cabinets.  One of the features I was super excited about was the spice rack in the drawer.  So, here is a picture of the first spices in my spice drawer.  It will be filled up in no time!
Oh, and of course because I am a little OCD I also had to alphabetize them.  I love to color coordinate and alphabetize.  I will post pictures of the filled up cabinet later....when it gets filled.  :)

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