Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Junk Drawer No More!

I am determined to get rid of clutter and start brand new!  During the school year I let some things slide.  My junk drawer was one of those things that I let go WAAAAYYYYY TOOOO LOOONNNGG!!  I am not even sure what that metal brush in the back is for - lol!

Uhhh...yeah!  This is seriously the contents of my two junk drawers.  Gross I know!  So I went from this....
 to this!  Here is the nail/screw drawer
Here is the painters drawer.
And here is the organizer I used.  This is a rolling cart I used for scrapbooking.  It doesn't match my office, so I got a new one that is bigger and has clear drawers instead.  I knew I could use this organization cart for something!  It's home will be in the garage, which is attached to my dining room.  It will be easy to pop in there and get the things I need without having a kitchen drawer full of all of these supplies.  The only thing I am missing are labels for each drawer.  I will do that after I finish adding all the items I find around the house that need a home.

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